Adjusted Ticket Prices for Powder Days May Be Coming to a Mountain Near You

It might sound crazy but…yes, there’s an app for that. TicketCorner is looking to bring Dynamic Pricing to ski areas, and they’ve already implemented their system in five different ski areas in Europe. And it seems to be working…for the resorts. The system allows resorts to have a much more accurate manner to predict their revenue for the season, allowing for them to do things like hire the appropriate amount of staff, know when to run certain lifts, and so on.

But is it good for the consumer? With the adjusted pricing, tickets will skyrocket at peak times if the snow is good, meaning you could be paying a premium for a powder day when the resort is packed. Early bookers will still get discounts, but it is worth wondering how much of a difference this will make. It’s tough to say for sure now, but gains for ski resorts could be gains for ski enthusiasts across the world, even if it means a few extra bucks on a powder day.

The system uses weather, time of the season, snowpack, and other variables to determine a lift ticket price—and we can only hope a healthy dose of human influence. Check out the video below and let us know your opinion on adjusted ticket prices in the comments below.—ML

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