Squamish Gondola Collapses, Police Suspect Cable was Cut

At approximately 4 AM on August 10th, campers in the area of the Chief, a famous rock climbing area in Squamish, BC, heard large crashing noises. The noise they heard was the sound of 30 cable cars of the Sea To Sky Gondola crashing to the ground.

Just hours after a completely normal day of operation, the gondola that transports hikers, skiers, and tourists to the top of a knoll adjacent to the Chief is completely inoperable—and police have opened up a criminal investigation with the assumption that the cable has been cut.

Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge. Photo courtesy www.seatoskygondola.com

While there is not much information aside from a few blurry pictures and some reports from those that have seen the incident, the RCMP has already made clear their suspicions.

We are currently assessing the damage but our preliminary assessment suggests that a cable was cut. We will continue our investigation and release updates to you as soon as possible. says Cst. Ashley MacKay, Media Relations Officer for Squamish RCMP.

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The RCMP are presently working with Technical Safety BC and Doppelmayr and efforts are currently being made to walk the gondola line so that it can be properly inspected.

Once or twice a ski season we tend to see a ski lift malfunction of some sort, but this is unprecedented—and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as the situation evolves —ML