Must Watch: An Ode To Feet

Ever heard of the practice of “earthing”? Earthing means walking barefoot on soil, grass, sand or any other natural surface—and it has surprising health benefits. Among them are reducing inflammation, increasing antioxidants, and even improving sleep. So, maybe your feet are ugly, smelly, or growing a fungus—but on top of actually making you healthier, they do so much more for you—let’s take a second to appreciate that.

They take you places, they pedal your bike,  and they turn your snowboard. They kick that soccer ball, they walk you across the bar to ask that cute girl out on a date. They give you that amazing feeling of slipping into a new pair of socks, they help you show off your balance to your best friend. Maybe they get the short stick because they’re so far away from your pretty face, but that’s not fair—you should love your feet. Maybe they even have a mind of their own.

So, give them a break, it’s summertime. Dangle your feet from the closest ledge, dip them in the lake, and run through a grassy field barefoot—you won’t regret it. —ML

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