All In Two Weeks Time: Coastal Adventures With Jeremy Allen

words & photos :: Jeremy Allen

What can you squeeze in two short weeks off? We challenged ourselves to bike the entire Sunshine Coast bike route, then go on a kayak tour in Tofino, all the while making stops along the way to swim, kayak and climb. Through this photo essay you’ll get a glimpse of what it was like to explore the Sunshine Coast at a slowed down pace. All photographs are in chronological order in regards to our trip.

The Sunshine Coast is home to some of the most beautiful trees, beaches and sunsets around the country. Feeling more like California than Canada, residents have tropical flora and fauna growing all about them. The coast is subject to 1131mm of rainfall annually. Luckily, we got none of that. We made stops at Davis Bay, Francis Peninsula, Powell River, Texada & Savary Island. Follow along in this visual journey in what turned out to be an unforgettable adventure.—ML

Sunshine Coast

Glenn throwing up a handstand overlooking Georgia Beach.
Beautiful blue hour right across from the Wobbly Canoe. We stopped for a drink after 2 hours of biking.
We followed a spur beside beautiful old growth trees on the Francis Peninsula—truly unforgettable.
When we stumbled upon this hidden cove for a drink, we knew we had to camp here for the night—even though we had only ridden for two hours.
Glenn, flying down the highway on the way to Powell River.
We arrived in Powell River at the perfect time for sunset. One of our longest days yet.
Jeremy doing a nude dive the next morning in Powell River. Would be rude not to.
Boater knots on the ferry to Texada.


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Glenn & Teagen holding hands while biking down the road from Texada to Lund.


Glenn taking in the sun on Savary Island. Fun fact: this island has the warmest waters north of Mexico during the summer. The tides go out for 1 KM.
The extremely clear waters of Savary Island.
Big logs meant only one thing, big fire!
The next morning we met one other local who happened to have kayaks on the beach. He let us take them out, what a blessing! Glenn shrouded by the crystal clear waters on the island.

Comox Lake Climbing

Our next stop, Comox Lake. We climbed for the afternoon and then drove to Tofino for a Kayak Tour.
The locals watching us climb on an amazing crack on the side of Comox Lake.
Another crag just in the woods.


Two surfers daringly head out to the waves as fog completely shrouds all vision.
A group of beginner surfers heading out to the ocean to surf during heavy fog.
My board mentally prepping for a short-lived surf session
As the fog clears, surfers get catching waves off of Cox Bay.
The local trees of Cox bay have tell tale signs of wind damage.
Our departure day out on our sea Kayaks was filled with fog. There’s always a weird vibe when everywhere you look feels like this.
Our guide, Matty paddling with a smile, as lone cone in the back towers over him.
We toured around Vargas Island, a zone heavily inhabited by wolves.
Matty, Stoked. Behind, a massive decomposing Sea Lion. The waters near we coated with the oils from the corpse.
Sunset on Vargas Island