The North Face Announces Female Filmmaker Grant

Courtesy of The North Face/Janus Film

A few months ago I received a call from a friend asking if I knew any female filmmakers for a project—they could be from any walk of life, have any sort of video production experience—the only requirement was that they had to be female. I attempted to run through a list of potential candidates but quickly came to an unfortunate conclusion: the only female filmmaker I knew was on the other end of the phone call.

Living in the Sea To Sky Corridor, there is a near over-saturation of photographers, filmmakers, and creatives in the outdoor industry—and like much of the outdoor industry, it is a male-dominated profession.

Let’s be clear —there is nothing wrong with men creating movies about the outdoors. In fact, it’s really awesome. But, for anyone who is familiar with what can be a repetitive cycle of the outdoor industry, a fresh take is always welcome. Enter, The North Face.

In an effort to support women in the outdoors and beyond, The North Face has launched the Move Mountains Filmmakers Grant. The program will provide funding for four female directors of $25,000 dollars, along with mentorship from some well-established filmmakers such as Taylor Rees, an established outdoor filmmaker who has shot for clients such as The North Face, National Geographic, and more.

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The final deliverable is expected to be a 4-7 minute short video along with a trailer. Interested in applying? Check out their website for more details and good luck! —ML