The Best Female Biker in the World Grew Up 9 Hours From Civilization

You probably knew Casey Brown was a badass biker from her rowdy freeride biking that is consistently pushing the limits of the sport—but what you may not have known is that she had about as tough of an upbringing as you could ask for. Growing up without running water and electricity, her family home burning down, and moving from New Zealand to Canada at a young age were just some of the hardships she endured—but she’s still here today, as cheery as ever. Her story is a must-hear.—ML

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Show Notes:

1:30: Traveling and growing up in Barn Bay, NZ

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13:00: Moving inland, learning to bike, divorce, and losing everything in a fire

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Evo: The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

22:45: Leaving her mom, Revelstoke, and her first real bike

28:00: The myth of her brother, skiing, and biking

32:40: Crankworx at 16

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39:45: Losing her brother, focusing on going pro, sending it in the wrong headspace

42:30: 2012 is the year it all happens, being a woman in the bike world, and competition

50:00: Changing things up in 2016, TGR, and other film projects

56:00: Rampage

60:00: Inappropriate Questions