New Issue Of Mountain Life Coast Mountains Out Now!

“Revolutions, man…They’re everywhere.”

The Mountain Life: Coast Mountains Summer 2019 issue is hitting the stands right now and it’s a non-stop, round-trip glimpse into what’s incredible about these long summer days in the Coast Mountains, as well as a bunch of important issues that can always use more attention.

Our delivery boy has been pedalling hard so look for your Summer 2019 “Revolutions” Issue in finer shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants and favourite local spots throughout the Sea to Sky.

Mountain Life: Coast Mountains—still the only magazine with “Mountain” in the name twice! Climb aboard and here’s to a revolutionary summer!

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Mountain Biking’s new War in the Woods
words :: Morgan Taylor

Like it or not, e-bikes are here, and local governments and trail organizations are figuring out what to do with them in real time. We dive deep into the issue with a fact-based story on what the benefits of electric bikes are, how and where we need to be careful with them, and what some of the pioneers of freeride have to say about the latest two-wheeled revolution.

Mountain Hearts

Love and Remembrance in the Peruvian Andes
words :: Vanessa Stark  photography :: Robin O’Neill

The all-women epic Peruvian bike adventure was already booked when an avalanche swept local legend Lisa Korthals from this world in March of 2018. Bonded by grief, but inspired by Lisa’s life and love, her friends soldier on and embark on the journey of a lifetime to the heart of the Peruvian landscape and culture. What lessons lay in shared singletrack and tears?

The Badge: Limitations

A One-Day Push Up Much More than a Rock Face.
words & photography :: Kieren Brownie

Sixty-five year-old Wayne Willoughby never bails and if we wants to climb a tricky aid route up the Stawamus Chief, he is damn well gonna do it. Polio be damned.

The Steelhead Seekers

Cold Hard Science in the Cheakamus River
words & photography :: Ben Haggar

Taking the plunge, Dr. Josh Korman and his team provide some of the only data on the effects of hydro dam flow rates on one of the most elusive, and prized fish in the region.

Plastic Horizons

Microplastic Research on the BC Coast
words & photography :: Nikkey Dawn

An all-women crew sets sail to uncover real data on the state of plastic pollution in the Salish Sea.

Plus: River Rights, Cavemen, A history of Glamping, Jon Turk, Veggie BBQ, Salty Spas, Warren & Wayne, A-Ride electric mountain scooters, Parasail Pemby, and a bunch of Gallery pages you can tear out and tape to the bathroom wall. It’s Summer in the Coast Mountains… Live It Up!!—ML