Storm Tent: An Ode To Winter Camping

Winter camping in British Columbia
Nicholas Teichrob digging out his humble abode in the eye of the storm.

photo & words :: Nicolas Teichrob 


Nothing exists beyond  

the cacophony of wind and snow 

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the sky and earth 

a monochromatic envelope 


after day. 

Timelessness flows around dollops of orange, faint  

in the duning chaos we live comfortably. 


In this space-time pause lucidity ebbs and floods 

Stories on the wind dive  

into our napping dreams. 

Snow creeps further up and we stumble  

into the blistery abyss  

to dig 



The mountain’s rhythm. 

Warm cackles. 


Comfort in this vulnerable space without time, 

you have all the time.  


Blizzards end so, 

we wait. 

The rabbit holes are patient. 

When it goes blue, 

you’ll be ready.


From the pages of Below Zero˚, our ode to winter. Pick up your copy at our online store. —ML