Watch Cody Townsend’s Hilarious Attempt On The Iconic Spearhead Traverse

The Spearhead Traverse, as Townsend aptly describes it, is basically the longest way to get from Blackcomb Mountain to Whistler. The traverse takes a u-shaped route roughly 36 kilometres through the mountain passes, rocky ridges, and high alpine glaciers of the Spearhead Range.

It also happens to be on the list of the one of North America’s Fifty Greatest Descents, which Townsend is ambitiously trying to ski every single one of. Being that most of the objectives are descents, the Spearhead Traverse presented a bit of a different challenge for Townsend, who is primarily a downhill skier. Check out how Townsend went all in, with just a few jokes along the way. –ML 

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