Video: Intersection Winners Sent It HUGE!

Intersection, presented by CLIF is one of the most entertaining events of the Whistler Ski And Snowboard Festival. The video competition challenges teams to film edits within a pre-determined weeklong period during the winter. There are a few rules: all footage must be acquired within a 100-mile radius, and 10% of the edit must be filmed on Whistler Blackcomb. Other than that, it’s a free-for-all, and it’s always entertaining to see the different takes each crew has on the amazing terrain on and surrounding Whistler-Blackcomb.

This year, the crews looked to have scored with lots of sun, some fresh snow, in an area known for its amazing snowmobile access, some of the best in-bounds terrain in the world, and a terrain park that can stand up to any in the country. With epic conditions and perfect terrain, every crew put out a truly impressive video. If you are ever in the area during the Whistler Ski And Snowboard Festival, definitely get to this event.

Los Amigos, comprised mainly of students from the University Of British Columbia Freeride Team, threw down a video that was head and shoulders above the competition. With a hilarious “Friends” theme, they threw down some of the rowdiest lines, hands down the gnarliest bail of the competition, and probably the best theme of the bunch as well. Not to mention one of their team members required a wheelchair ramp just to get on after a huge tomahawk under Whistler Blackcomb’s iconic Peak Chair. If nothing else, watch this video for one of the best bails you’ll see in a while. -ML

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