The Whistler Ski & Snowboard Festival Is Back—Here’s What You Don’t Want To Miss

Live music at the base of the mountain? That’s a no brainer.

Outdoor Concerts

Our best advice? Don’t pay attention to the artist—just go. No matter the genre, there’s nothing better than listening to live music after a day on the slopes. Lucky for us, WSSF has lined up some acts that are easy to get excited about. One day you don’t want to miss? On April 10, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, a lively, upstart rap group from British Columbia will be kicking things off at 3 PM, followed up by Michael Franti & Spearhead—and that’s just the first day. When live music is free….you just go.

On The Snow

There will be plenty of action going down on the snow this year, but if there is one event you don’t want to miss it’s the big air. With Olympians Mark McMorris and Jamie Anderson joining the competition, this might be the most exciting big air event that WSSF has ever seen. We don’t usually like superlatives, but there’s really no option here.

Go big, or go home. Julia Marino sends it big during the iconic big air competition.

The Arts

Presented by yours truly, you won’t want to miss an amazing lineup of speakers at Multiplicity.

The bulk of the WSSF happens off the snow in the Whistler Conference Centre, where the combined talents of mountain folks, filmmakers, outdoor adventurers and much more come together for a variety of events. Here’s a quick one-liner on each event to get you informed and excited. Make sure to get your tickets here, the events will sell out!

Multiplicity: Imagine a Ted talk, but all the speakers are your athletic heroes and outdoor adventurers are giving the talks.

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Intersection: The rowdiest event of them all—a ski/snowboard video competition, all filmed in a one week period.

72-Hour Filmmaker Showdown: Well, this one is pretty self explanatory—imagine Intersection, but without the skiing, and you only get 72 hours to film and edit.

Pro Photographer Showdown: Underestimated, but amazing—the best photographers in the world combine their best photos into a slideshow and square off for big prize money.

There you have it folks. The Whistler Ski And Snowboard Festival delivers a little bit of everything—music, art, high-flying action, and most importantly, a general ethos of good times. Even if you can only make it up for a day—we’d recommend booking your tickets now.-ML