The Spearhead Huts Are Close—But They Need Your Help!

The first in a system of huts to be built in the Spearhead Range, easily accessed from Whistler-Blackcomb, is getting close, but it’s not quite there yet—and the team needs your help. With early snow stopping the team from completing the hut this fall, the final push will take place this spring. Check out this short video for a glimpse at the hut, and get excited. More from Spearhead Huts below on how to help out and get involved. -ML

From Spearhead Huts:

The Kees and Claire Hut at Russet Lake – the First Stop in the Spearhead Traverse – is set to open in 2019. We need your help to reach the summit! Final funds are required to complete the hut as envisioned and open the doors to our first guests. We’ve collaborated with designer Vincent Chan and the Hill family (founders of Aritzia) to create a limited edition run of Spearhead merchandise with all proceeds going towards the Spearhead Huts Society. These are sure to become collectors items!

Last summer, the Spearhead Huts Society broke ground on the first of 3 modern alpine huts linking the Spearhead Traverse and creating a year round adventure that will rival the classic hut-to-hut experiences offered in the Alps. The Kees and Claire memorial hut is located at Russet Lake near the foot of the iconic Fissile Peak and is set to open in 2019. Each hut location will offer dramatic views and excellent recreation opportunities in both winter and summer.

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The second hut will be located at Mt Macbeth and plans are progressing all thanks to the generous donation and commitment from Vancouver philanthropists Brian Hill and Andrea Thomas Hill. As founder and CEO of Aritzia, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge to this project and has brought on designer Vincent Chan to collaborate on this special edition merchandise funding initiative. These pieces are a limited run and will be sure to become a collectors item in the years to come.

We’ve posted images of the designs to ensure we print just the right amount of clothing so that every dollar is used to support the Spearhead Huts Society. We’ll print the designs on high quality cotton garments and we are working with local print shops. With Vincent’s talent and eye for style, you can be sure these pieces will make you look good while doing good!

On behalf of the Spearhead Huts Society, thank you for your support. Please share this video and a link to the campaign so that we can achieve the funding goal and continue building a world class hut to hut experience in the Whistler Backcountry.