EcoVessel Insulated Water Bottle—Don’t Leave Home Without It

Wanna make a difference for the environment? Start simple, and never buy bottled water again. We see it time and time again…people travelling to remote and exotic locations and when they get there they immediately head straight to a little roadside kiosk to buy a bottle of water.

Stop the madness! Be a responsible traveller and take one of these bottles with you. Nowadays, everywhere you travel you can fill your bottle at your hotel, in the airport, and at many, many restaurants all across the world.

Why EcoVessel? Well, they started the company with a simple goal in mind: to replace wasteful, single-use plastic bottles with insulated bottles made from stainless steel. These bomb-proof bottles keep your coffee steaming hot or your drinks icy-cold. Ecovessel also cares. The company supports Water For People, an international non-profit, whose mission, since 1991, has been to provide sustainable solutions to the water and sanitation problems in developing countries. They have been successful by working with local entrepreneurs, community members, and local governments to build and deliver lasting clean water systems and sanitation projects.
Check it out and spread the word. Mother Nature needs all the help she can get.

Buy it now and do your part in reducing your impact.

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