5 Hilarious Ways To Go Skiing This Summer

Every year, the story is the same. Around April as we look out at the mountains, the snowline slowly creeps up and our hearts sink each time we see more brown than white. White ribbons begin to shrink, the snow beneath your feet starts to turn a hint of brown, and we all know the season is coming to and end. Your goals may be left unfinished and you still want more, but rest assured— there are ways to get on two planks this summer. Check out our roundup of how to feed your addiction this summer. -ML

Grass Skiing

This one is probably our favourite—it looks pretty damn awesome. We have no idea where you can find these things, but if you do find them….hold on tight and point them downhill.

Take Inspiration From Candide Thovex

This guy can ski anything. Water, dirt, grass, leaves, over helicopters, through tunnels and into cars—you name it. Check out the infamous Audi video for inspiration.

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Go Skiing, In The Ocean

We have to put a disclaimer on this one: We do NOT recommend trying to wave-ski Jaws, but we do recommend trying to ski on water. Because it looks hilarious and very silly. This video, is neither, mostly just really impressive.


This one actually looks the most feasible, but you might have to wait until fall to do it. Honestly, it looks pretty fun….why don’t people do it more often?