You Should Listen: The Powell Movement

Mike Powell once had to sit down with Callum Pettit, Sean Pettit, and their mother. By the end of the meeting, he had informed Callum he was being cut from the K2 team, and that Sean was getting a contract extension. To put it plainly, the man knows how to have a tough conversation—which is what makes his podcast so entertaining.

Powell, a long-time industry stalwart who has worked as an athlete manager, mc’ed events for Powder, K2, and Red Bull, and seen the outdoor industry evolve before his eyes seems clearly knows his stuff. The podcast focuses on the characters of the outdoor industry, and it seems as though nobody knows these people better than Mike Powell.

What makes the podcast truly stand out is his clear dedication through informed questioning, and even more so his apparent joy in asking the hard-hitting, inquisitive questions that most journalists would normally shy away from. The podcast will make you laugh, feel uncomfortable, and maybe even make you a bit angry (see: David Lesh).

Some of our favourites include Marie France-Roy, Callum Pettit, and yes, David Lesh. Check out the podcast with guests from all corners of the ski industry including Tanner Hall, Marie France-Roy, Sean Pettit, Chris Booth, and many more. Visit the website for the full lineup at -ML

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