The U.S—Mexico Border Wall Is Much More Than A Political Debate

While the southern border of the United States is often associated with political conflict, there is beauty that too often takes a back seat to socially and politically constructed ideologies that dominate our news stream. However, when those conflicts between to threaten the precious nature that exists so rarely on our planet, we need to get involved, and that’s just what Ben Masters and his team did.

Armed with filmmaking equipment and research tools, the team travelled along the Rio Grande river from El Paso to Mexico, where United States President Donald Trump has proposed to build a border wall, potentially threatening the truly wild nature of this area. Travelling by horse, mountain bike, and canoe, the teams aims to document what a wall on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande would mean for water access, wildlife, immigration, public lands and much more. Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for the full video. -ML

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