NEH and its Mythical Peaks of Endless Powder

The Endless Powder of the North Awaits


Would you consider yourself a heli ski connoisseur?  Or perhaps you’ve only just begun to flirt with the idea for the first time.  No matter where you are on the spectrum, have you considered Northern BC before?  The record setting snow pack and extra cold temps delivering cold smoke powder might be great reasons to let your eye wander.  We aren’t exactly encouraging a relationship with a new range just yet, but we’d sure like you to flirt with the danger of an out of region love affair.

What if we told you there was a place where tempestuous storms rolled in off the ocean back to back, yet dropped the lightest cold smoke around.  Sounds too good to be true?  You haven’t made it up to Northern Escape Heli Skiing in the Skeena Mountains and sampled the alpine platter of endless turns then.

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What about that nasty coastal cement you ask?  In the more southern latitudes we wouldn’t stand in the way of that argument.  Tons of snowfall yes, but it’s that usual thick stuff more likened to fudge brownie batter than airy powder – the kind Warren Miller is likely levitating down right now in his wintery heaven.  However we bring you some wonderful news, you don’t need to take the leap into the next dimension to join Mr. Miller in powder paradise. Surprisingly, the mountains outside of Terrace, BC are so far north, they get those big beefy coastal storms, but it’s also
cold, very cold.  This translates into two things: record setting snow packs, and light airy powder!


With all those storms, certainly a heli operation would be constantly grounded right?  We see you’re a skeptical bunch. That’s alright, we were skeptical too, bear with us.

Northern Escape Heli knew if they were to build an operation in such an amazing ski location they’d need to get creative with the standard heli ski model.  Welcome to the almost no down day heli/snow cat solution.  The bird flies, often, however when a big storm comes in the cat purrs into action and the powder laps continue getting churned out.  No other heli operation offers such massive snow packs, light powder and this many ski days.


Terrace is further north than you might have traveled before, but as they say “curiosity killed the cat”….  Actually, that doesn’t apply at all, forget that, just come north and give it a try.  We won’t tell your mountain mistress that your eyes have been wandering. See you up there.


NEH By the numbers:

Terrain – 5,500 square kilometers (2100+ square miles/1.34 million acres)
Vertical – 2,000 vertical meters (6,500 vertical feet)
Elevation – Between 450 and 2,450 metres (1,500 – 8,000 feet)
Cat Skiing backup – 50 kilometers (31 miles) of road and endless hidden stashes of powder.