China Wants Snowboard Athletes They Can Be Proud Of—So They Hired This Man.

In 2022, China will host it’s first ever Winter Olympics. While much fuss has been made about snow levels, infrastructure, and more, the real focus should be on the athletes. Enter Ian Kirk. A long-time industry character, Ian has worked as a school teacher, in marketing, distribution, fitness and much more— but his real expertise is in snowboard coaching.

Alongside Bud Keene, one of the most well-known snowboard coaches in the industry, the Chinese national team will be in good hands. They have a tall task going up against North American, European, and even Japanese teams that have a rich history of snowsports.

Will their coaching put them over the top? Only time will tell—but it will certainly be interesting to see. Check out the video below to hear more about Ian’s story and his work the the Chinese team. -ML

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