The North Face Steep Series – Purist Jacket and Pant Are The Perfect Combo

Are you a resort skier looking to dabble in the side country or perhaps have you been on the hunt for that best all around shell system for a while?  We’ve recently stumbled upon a magnificent line from The North Face which they have named the Steep Series. Problem is, it performs just as well skinning up hill, but we certainly see where this line gets its name from.

Testing the jacket and pant combo didn’t just deliver comfort in the resort and backcountry but it delivers style as well.  While we don’t promote seeking style over functionality, if you can get both, why not?



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North Face Purist Jacket in Backcountry

Steep Series Purist Jacket

Over all the Purist Jacket provides a welcome combo of form and function.  Decked out with features, yet not over engineered with false innovation that kills so many pieces of gear these days.  The hand cuff closure system provides a sense of solid construction, yet the jacket wears light and easy on the body.


Designed for bottomless powder days

On the deepest of days you definitely want the Purist on your side.  It’s powder skirt has three clasps attaching to your ski pants and is lined with a thin strip of grippy rubber.  Whether you’re snorkeling down a pow field, tomahawking (don’t worry, happens to the best of us) down a chute, you may have to dust off your pride, but rest assured the snow will stay out.



Handy chest pocket access

The chest pockets are nice and large with an added bonus, they can be accessed from inside and out. This is handy in case you need to get at something but it’s dumping and you don’t necessarily want to zip open your jacket to then open another pocket letting all the snow and cold inside.  Another great aspect is the pockets are mesh lined on the inside. This is a nice addition because often these pockets can get quite damp which then leads to the moister freezing and getting everything all icy. The mesh doesn’t fully eliminate this but dramatically helps. A great feature.

Second set of pockets
How often do you have a shell where it’s perfect for the activity but never has a simple pocket to keep your hands warm?  Or only has chest pockets without the option of putting things you don’t want right there in front of your body. The Purist Jacket luckily is one of those rare shells that has highly functioning chest pockets yet also pairs this with waist pockets as well.


Steep Series Purist Pant


Adjustable waist
When sizing your ski pant it’s often hard when only presented with the standard S/M/L/XL.. fit.  The elastic plus velcro combo is always a game saver. Whether you’re a bit over or under your size, the Purist Pant will still fit like a glove.

Cargo pockets out of way
Great storage in the side cargo pockets that are deep in size, yet conveniently out of the way.  Whatever items are inside these pockets won’t get in the way of your skiing.



Side and crotch vent

This is a total winner.  Why all ski pants don’t have a crotch vent we will never know.  Why they don’t all have crotch and side vents like the Purist will forever remain a mystery.  It’s a winning combo, with complete control to ventilate and breath as needed the Purist Pant performs just as well while touring as it does riding groomer or powder laps at the resort.

Articulated knee seams
With skillful design and manufacturing the Purist Pant have a very slight bend in the knees.  Ultra slight, but enough to make the range of motion smooth, comfortable and with a free and easy feel.


Over all the Purist Jacket and Pant are a great combo together or individually.  Surprisingly it’s quite difficult to find such a great mix of form, function and style all in a durable construction.  In this way the Purist is an uncommon gem, or perhaps just a hallmark of The North Face’s ethos.