The Best Environmental Children’s Book of 2019

What do you get when a passionate mountain guide comes across a crumpled plastic water bottle on a glacier at 2035 meters?  Results may vary but in at least one case we know of you get a childrens book about how our plastic revolution is rapidly changing this world.

JF finding plastic bottles

Jean Francois (JF to friends) Plouffe is a father of two, adventurer and now author.  In his words: “They often say, ”Scare yourself, learn something, challenge yourself every day” Well, writing Little Spring just did that, and more!”

JF’s book is about Little Spring, a naive plastic water bottle that is so excited about his very long life span and dreaming about the many times he will be used over and over keeping people hydrated and happy.  However, after one use he is soon tossed aside and eventually finds his way to the Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Little Spring

Little Spring’s journey brings a complex issue to life through vibrant illustrations and fun child friendly adventures.  JF has a dream to help kids from a young age understand the simple yet complex issues facing our world today.  His mission is to get this book printed and into households and schools so that as many kids as possible get to know Little Spring’s story, which ultimately, is our story.

Little Spring chosen

As a self publisher JF just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and get the first 1,000 copies printed.  The kids can only send so many piggy banks his way so if this story is of interest to you, definitely think about sharing the word and supporting the mission to educate and reduce our plastic waste.

We need more people like JF out there, but until we find them, perhaps we could read his story and see what changes we can start making in our own lives.

Now go check out the Kickstarter and give a little support!