Is Freeriding Worth It?

If you’ve been around the ski and snowboard industry long enough, you’ve undoubtedly lost someone close to you. The nature of recreation in the mountains is inherently dangerous, but our communities resilience is what defines us, and we always seem to bounce back stronger and smarter. For most, the sport of big mountain freeriding is either not accessible, or the risk is too high for it to be a worthwhile venture. For a small fraction of the ski and snowboard world, it is the limitless ethos of the mountains that inspires them. But, like a double edged sword, as much as the mountains can give, they can take away—and maybe even more. In the new film TWENTY, director Guido Perrini delves into the history of freeriding and enlists freeride legends to help him answer the question that may never be answered: is it all worth it?-ML