How to Straight Line 101 – From a 19yr Old

Thomas Rozsypalek is a young ripper from Pemberton, BC.  Working summers to take the winters off he’s been obsessed with backcountry skiing ever since his dad took him out for the first time years ago.  He claims to have had a very short stint as a park rat, only a few days actually until his father noticed the worrisome trend, took him into the backcountry and it’s been tech bindings, skins and powder fields ever since.

Mountain Life got a hold of Thomas to put together a How To Straight Line video.  Unsure about learning some straight line technique from a 19 year old?  Check his instagram video below:

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His #1 rule ?  When you’re going “mach chicken” don’t crash into anything.  That’s definitely in the plans, but how do we do that exactly?  In this quick vid Thomas brings it all together.  Now get out there and practice!