Garmont Momentum: Winter Boots with Benefits

Garmont’s Momentum WP offers sure-footedness and reliable warmth and protection for the slipperiest, messiest and coldest winter conditions.

Photo courtesy Garmont

I know Garmont makes the most durable boots on the market. I’ve owned a pair of Garmont winter boots for five years and even after heavy use they’re still going strong.

With the Momentum, the new benefit comes thanks to the Hypergrip outsole with IceLock technology, offering excellent traction and stability even on steep, icy or wet terrain. IceLock is a patent pending technology that featuring micro-glass filaments electrostatically aligned in the rubber compound creating slip-stopping surface tension. The shape of the bottom profile is designed to ensure the lugs wear out much more slowly, and Icelock’s rubber compound improves the sole’s durability and functionality.

Photo courtesy Garmont

More Features:

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-Toe bumper for increased protection. Waterproof-breathable construction throughout boot.

-Thermal Comfort footbed.

-Primaloft 200 gr. Insulation Eco: best-in-class insulation and continues to trap body heat even under compression.

-HeelLock technology comfortably holds the rear foot in the heel pocket and prevent slippage and blisters. We found this especially effective while snowshoeing.