Giro’s New Jackson Helmet Will Change Your Winter

Do you find yourself taking your helmet with you less and less when you head to the resort or backcountry skiing?

Getting a little old and heavy, slowing you down too much?  Or maybe you’re worried it’s not as safe as the newer helmets.  Whatever your reasons may be, if you’re in the market for a new helmet these days it might be of value to check out the new Jackson helmet from Giro.

The Jackson helmet is focused on design and style.  The modern profile utilizes the new Passive Aggressive Venting system, inspired by the aerodynamic airflow of high-end autos, a discreet yet powerful system that manages airflow and temperature while in motion or standing static.  State-of-the-art MIPS technology, ultra-lightweight construction, and the In Form 2 Fit system allow riders to confidently focus on the terrain ahead. Leave no line untracked in this ultimate freeride helmet.

Get safe, loose some weight and get comfy this winter.

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