First Ever For Women By Women AMGA Rock Guide Course

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a rock guide?  Many women have, but perhaps shelved those dreams because of obstacles or other opportunities that came along the way.  Currently on 46% of outdoor participants are women (according to the OIA’s 2018 Outdoor Participation Report), but only 8% of AMGA’s 303 Certified Rock Guides are women.

Women AMGA Rock Guide Course
Savannah Cummins Photo

However the tides are changing.  AMGA and The North Face teamed up to create the first for women by women Rock Guides Course.  The course will run September 2019 with Angela Hawse, Margaret Wheeler, Karen Bockel and Erica Engle as the Instructor Team in Boulder, CO.

The North Face through it’s Move Mountains grant fund will be helping with scholarships for women who want to take the course but financially would not be able to.  What’s even more amazing is that this grant is actually only one of five that will be announced throughout 2019 to advance women’s leadership throughout the outdoor industry.

Feel like this is for you?  Apply Here and get after it!

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