Spot Check: Revelstoke Is Going Off

words:: Ben Osborne  photos:: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

If you like powder, you should probably go on a trip to Revelstoke some day.  Once you do, you’ll probably go back the next year.  When you get there, you’ll probably do things like gaze longingly into your buddies eyes and say “maybe next year I’ll move here.” You might even extend your trip by a few days when you see a storm coming in. Or maybe you’ll just stay for one more run.  Whether it’s the highway closures to the east and west due to copious amounts of snowfall in the area, or the magnetic pull that can result in poor decision making and extended vacations, the locals have a name for this phenomenon of spontaneous extended stays in the small town in interior BC: “Revel-stuck”.

During my first visit, my “Revel-stuck” came in a different way than most. I totalled my truck on the supposed last day of my trip, and after about 30 minutes of insurance phone calls, I couldn’t have been happier—there was a week of snow on the way, and I was planted firmly in the middle of the storm. This year, I knew I had to come back for more—especially since Revelstoke boasted a deeper base than my home mountain of Whistler-Blackcomb, easier access to the alpine via Rogers Pass, and non-existent weekend lineups.

Lucky for us, the alpine popped. Photo: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Every November and December, as the snow stacks up on the Coast at higher elevations, the slightly colder parts of interior BC tend to reap the benefits of the lower temperatures and snow line, beckoning skiers and riders all across Canada. Less crowds, well preserved snow, and a resort that offers some of the best fall-line skiing in the country are hard to deny—so we went to have a look. Don’t get me wrong—I love the Coast, but 9 centimeters in Revelstoke can feel like a whole lot more than 9 centimeters at Whistler Blackcomb. So, even with just a few centimeters in the forecast, we headed east.

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There are some resorts that have an undeniable laid-back quantity that cannot be measured, and Revelstoke seems to fall into that category. While just over 10 years old, the resort is full of unique characters and a particular vibe that calms even the most anxious powder hound. Although the terrain was limited to the top half of the mountain with laps of the Ripper & Stoke Chair, there was plenty to go around especially with fresh laps lasting well into the day.

Friends on a pow day. Photo: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

If you live in the Sea-To-Sky, sure, it might be a bit of a haul to get there, and you need to make sure you get the right weather window to avoid highway closures—but it will surely be worth it. The intricacies in the terrain and epic views are enough to make the experience worth it. If you are coming from the East, you may be drawn to what you know in Whistler of Banff. Those resorts will always be there— this time, skip the riff-raff and head to this soon to be not-so-low-key gem on your next vacation—you won’t regret it.-ML

The Numbers

YTD Snowfall: 421 CM

Last 7 Days: 68 cm

Last 48 hours: 31 cm

Base Depth: 151 cm