Political Satire Finally Makes it Into Mountain Culture

Satire.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Many of us have enjoyed the likes of the John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jon Oliver and many others.  It’s so easy to get sucked into the media circus until wild departures from reality suddenly feel normal.  It’s like the age-old adage of putting a frog in a pot of water and slowly bringing it to a boil.

Sometimes humor is just what we need to bring the spotlight of reality onto those glaring departures.  Enter Jeremy Jones and Conrad Anker.  They begin by defining a Jerry, which is according to Colton Hardy, creator of the term: “Within the ski industry a “Jerry,” otherwise known as a “Gaper,” a “Joey,” a “Gorb,” etc. is someone [a skier or snowboarder] doing a bone headed move or an individual who exhibits a true lack of understanding for their sport, or for life in general.”


Jerry of the day: woman wearing ski goggle upside down
Got to admit, maybe she’s onto something.  It does look faster this way.

Now that we’re all on the same page as to what a Jerry is, Jeremy and Conrad use this less than admirable trait and begin pointing out which of their local politicians “exhibits a true lack of understanding for their profession, or for life in general.”  Enjoy this satire as the rays of reality slowly begin to penetrate the denying logic of insanity.

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