NOSO Patch Will Change Your Life

We’re always on the hunt to find good, useful pieces of gear that don’t break the bank — and we found such a thing at the Outdoor Retailer in Denver. While I was getting my ugly duct-tape-patched down jacket repaired by the effervescent founder of the NOSO patch, Kelli Jones, I asked her a few questions about her company.


NOSO patch on a pair of ski pants
Gotta get your bling for those powder turns.

How was NOSO born and why did you want to bring it to the market?
I came up with the idea after I hopped a barbed wire fence hiking in Wyoming and snagged my brand new Patagonia Fitz Roy Down Insulated Jacket.  I didn’t want to repair my expensive jacket with a piece of tape, so I made my own patches with fabric instead. After numerous friends in the JH Mt. Resort tram line asked me where I got my cool heart-shaped patch (on my sleeve), I decided to make NOSO Patches available to everyone.


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Why not just use duct tape, tuck tape, etc? Is it hard getting dirtbags to buy a patch?
Duct tape and the other vinyl tape on the market gums up on the sides and looks terrible.  No, our customers are 85% male dirtbags, they love them.


NOSO patch on a backpack
Works on bags too!

Can you use the patches to fix other stuff besides apparel? I.e. Have they ever been used to fix tents or sleeping pads?
Yes, you can use them on a lot of different things.  Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, canvas bags, ski apparel.  We’ve even seen them used by our customers on purses, upholstery in cars, canvas bags, water bottles, coolers, and motorcycle seats.


Where do you see the products going in the future?
We will continue to focus on our custom line.


NOSO patch on the back of a jacket.
Fix your wups and enhance your looks.

Your goal of including a patch on the hangtag of every product is brilliant, and makes total sense. Is this on its way to becoming reality?
Yes, we have a big order in the works.  Our customers will be so stoked when they come out!  Once we start working with one large manufacturer we hope others will follow.

We aim to reduce textile waste and extend the life of your gear.  You get an extra button with a new sweater, so why don’t we get a repair patch kit with our gear?

Check out NOSO Here.