Could you Survive a Heart Attack at 20,000ft?

Worried about growing older and continuing to do the things you’re used to but with a slowly changing body?  Worried about adapting to the changing realities of your fitness?  Conrad Ankor wasn’t.  At 54 years old he was still attempting some of Nepal’s highest unclimbed peaks, albeit with a partner about half his age – is it me or do his climbing partners keep getting younger and stronger as he gets older?

Meru didn’t do it, loosing friends over the years didn’t do it, other climbing defeats and wild exploits didn’t do it.  What finally made Conrad quite high altitude climbing was simply a heart attack, and it feels so relatable.  Most setbacks in his climbing career are so far-fetched that for most people they feel distant and unrelatable.  However now as Conrad faces his aging self like the rest of us we can perhaps relate more with this film than most others that come out of the elite sport of high altitude first ascents. -ML


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