Cabin Fever This Fall? 3 Autumn Hikes to do in Kamloops

Words::  Corry Bondini

Colder temperatures, shorter days, a bit of snow here and there, winter is on its way and I couldn’t be more stoked! My home mountain even opens this weekend! I have still been trying to squeeze my weekends full of fall activities before winter is in full swing and to get my legs in shape for the upcoming ski season. Kamloops is the perfect spot for some shoulder season hikes since the snow hasn’t started flying there yet. Kamloops, only a three-hour drive from Vancouver, is the perfect spot to catch some great shoulder season hikes.  Make a weekend of it and explore the unique terrain and views of this area. If you live closer consider making a day trip!

Gibraltar Rock:

If you’re anything like me then you love to go on a hike that takes you up above a lake and this hike does just that. It starts out easily along the shore of Paul Lake and then gets your legs ready for the slopes with a steep incline up 250+ meters of elevation to the top of Gibraltar Rock. The hike is certainly worth the effort when you get to the top and soak in the view down to the lake and out to the surrounding valley. Full directions here.

Girl over looking a lake from the top of a mountain
The lake of lakes, Gibralter Rock.

Battle Bluff:

Battle Bluff is one of Kamloops most popular hikes for a reason – it is gorgeous! The hike quickly takes you through badland terrain to a vantage point high above Kamloops Lake boasting an expansive view of the Thompson River valley. The one hour climb up to the top of the bluff will definitely help get your heart and legs ready for ski season.  Directions Here

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sunset above lake
Everywhere is better at sunset, especially Battle Rock above Kamloops Lake.  Photo: Tamra Jaeger

Sunset Trail:

The Sunset Trail is an awesome, quick hike just east of Kamloops that could be tagged on to a day of adventuring in the area or, if you live close by, get you out at the end of your workday. It only takes about an hour round trip but it includes a steep climb that gets your heart beating and your legs burning. Of course, this trail is best enjoyed at sunset when you often get rewarded with views of Kamloops Lake and the Thompson Valley lighting up with a stunning orange and yellow glow. Directions Here

girl in hammock over looking sunset
Sunset mandatory, hammock optional.