Watershed Colorado DryBag

Trust. When you’re dealing with putting your life-saving gear and equipment into a bag for a two-week trip down the river, you want to TRUST that it’ll be dry at the end of the day. The brand has been at the game for almost 25 years now, with river rats and expedition kayakers and rafters testing their gear in some truly gnarly (and really wet) scenarios.
The Burliest of the Burl

We tested the Colorado Drybag on a recent SUP trip to the Thompson River in BC, a big-volume whitewater river that can get pretty big when it wants to. What stood out most, aside from the fact that it never leaked a drop of water for three solid days on the water, was the ease of packing and unpacking it. Since there is no actual ‘zipper’ to chirp your knuckles when you’re scrambling to pull out your tent under heaving rain, getting into the bag is a finger-friendly experience thanks to the easy-to-use, and very quiet,  Zip-Dry closure system.

The six tie-down points helped keep the bag from creeping around on the SUP board and it’s also made of bomber rip-stop nylon with welded seams resulting in a bag that is essentially one piece of fabric rather than pieces glued together. I purposely threw it around in the beach a few times to scuff it up — no issues whatsoever.

The only thing that needs to get wet on a river trip is your throat after you crack open a cold one. -ML

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The Watershed Colorado duffel is as popular for long-term river tripping as the river it is named after. Used by raft guides around the globe, the Colorado will carry enough gear for one person on a multi day expedition. This bag works equally well as a car-top or pickup bed waterproof bag to provide extra gear storage on road trips. It also works as a storage bag for wet, muddy gear such as waders or drysuits.

  • Rugged carrying handles
  • Several hard lash points
  • Multiple compression straps