Sherpa Cinema’s #columbiariverproject

Christina Lusti, an ex ski racer and full on charger had a radtastic winter last season.  We caught up with her about the work she did with Sherpas Cinema and their #columbiariverproject to get some insider info.


How did you get involved with this project Christina?

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The phone rang one day, it was Mitch Scott asking me if I wanted to work on a Sherpas project in a few weeks.  My thoughts yes I’m in. No matter what.

He hadn’t even told me what the project was yet. It didn’t matter. . . I would have carried Leo’s camera bag around if he asked. What I was about to find out was that the project was filming the essence of the Columbia River. The valleys and mountains I grew up in. Authentic, local, and emotionally attached.

What exactly is the #columbiariverproject?

It’s a Sherpa’s video capturing the story of the Columbia River. It’s history and how it’s shaped our landscape and culture here in the Kootenays.

What was it like once you began filming?

While filming with the Sherpas for the #columbiariverproject we traveled north from Trail, BC following the Columbia River. At the most northern part of our journey, we landed at Mica heli lodge.

This remote corner of the Rockies stands proud above the Kinbasket Lake. The lodge looks across the lake at two proud ranges the Selkirk and the Monashee’s.  The lake is the most northern part of the Columbia River, giving interior snow conditions to the giant Rocky Mountains.

A skiers dream! Most people agree, Mica is sitting on a skiers gold mine.