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Each year we work hard to produce a new Mountain Life Annual in conjunction with a raft of dedicated partners, writers, photographers, designers and readers who support our mission of keeping quality storytelling alive. When it’s done, placing a copy of the Annual on a coffee table feels like putting up a big tent and inviting everyone in for tea. Meanwhile, inside the digital doors of Mountain Life you’ll also find the best of the Annual. Whichever place you choose to meet, we’re sure you’ll find our social-, culture- and environment-oriented ethos to be warm respite from a world of otherwise boilerplate outdoor adventure.


Massif Envy – Steve Ogle

At only 231m shy of North America’s tallest peak, Mt Logan is often referred to as the worlds largest mountain in overall size.  Even a regular jaunt up the standard route offers more than unusual results.

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Steve Ogle photo

Finding The Moment – Leslie Anthony

Everything has it’s beginning.  Leslie Anthony chronicles Darcy Turenne’s new film “The Moment” and the beginning of the freeride MTB movement.  “This slice of time in 1996–1998  was a passion-fuelled moment that could only happen once, a story filled with both gravity and gravitas that has long begged telling.”

Eric Berger & Sterling Lorence photos

The Sacred Place Where Life Begins – Brian Peech

A keystone species, the Porcupine caribou heard of the Yukon faces a troubled future.  With prospects of developing large drilling infrastructure in the middle of the herd’s delicate calving territory, a battle is beginning to brew.

Peter Mather Photo

Holy Grail – Todd Lawson

After 5 years of self-taught SUP school, these friends, husbands, fathers and river partners set out to enjoy their graduation gift.  The Mountain River begins as a boggy creek and slowly builds until it drops through six dramatic canyons in one of the most remote corners of the Northwest Territories.

Jimmy Martinello photo

Transcendental – Colin Field

This story needs little introduction.  1000km kite across Greenland and then one of the most awe-inspiring waterfalls ever paddled.  Erik Boomer, Ben Stookesberry and Sarah McNair-Landry went well beyond the edge and return to tell us their tale.


Erik Boomer photo

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