Mine Protest Video – Swing and a Miss?

Ever felt so passionate about something, but weren’t quite sure what to do, so you do the only thing you know how?  In “Chasing Wild” that’s exactly how these guys ended up biking and packrafting 400kms in northern BC to protest a copper and gold mine. Packrafting with a bike on the bow for 250kms must be some sort of record in itself.  The trip these guys experienced looks totally adventurous and they brought the spotlight on real issues, however we were left wanting more.

As far as the film goes we didn’t learn much about mining or about the Red Chris Mine, but maybe that doesn’t matter?  We certainly didn’t learn about any benefits of having copper available and how the resource extraction industry benefits the general economic wealth of Canadians that perhaps affords us with the freedom to partake in such awesome biking and paddling endeavors in the first place.  We also didn’t learn anything about the negatives of mining, save for, mining is bad they can have spills. Did no one point out the irony of protesting a copper mine with cameras that use copper?  Where do they think the metals for their bikes came from?  That’s like protesting a megaphone factory with a megaphone.

Don’t get us wrong, we are completely against environmental destruction and mining that either should never have been approved or should be regulated in a much more stringent fashion.  However, if all you need is a black and white world where things are either good or bad and you’re not interested in thinking deeper about tough subjects then sit back and enjoy.  –ML


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