Kayak Mountaineering, New Sport or Just for the obsessed?

The Sary Jaz is a wild river.  It begins beneath the Engilchek glacier at the foot of Khan Tengri (6995m) in the Tian Shan mountain range, Kyrgyzstan.  Believe it or not it actually ends in the desert and never reaches the ocean.  However before emptying its life into the barren desert it flows through some incredibly steep and powerful gorges.  Logistically it even requires some mountaineering from the paddlers.  In September 2017 a crew of 6 international kayakers, Kristof Stursa (AUT), Adrian Kiernan (AUS), Jordy Searle (NZL), Ari Walker (NZL), Sam Grafton (USA) and Jakub Sedivy (CZE) attempted to paddle the steepest of its stretches.

This is one of Sam’s last big expeditions abroad, he’ll certainly be missed and we’re excited to see such a great film come out of this expedition.


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