Gutsy Girls Film Festival

Lioness Movement exclusively presents the first North American Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour.

Join us for an evening of inspiration that includes ~60 minutes of short films featuring women using their bodies to accomplish incredible goals: from backcountry skiing, biking, climbing and surfing to using slack-lining as a tool to teach and support refugee children.

Our night together will also feature a powerful panel discussion with women who serve as inspiring examples of using their physical capabilities to elevate their lives and the lives of others. Our moderator is Laura Appleton and our panelists are Steph Corker, Darcy Hennessey Turenne, and Jen Segger. You’ll be wildly inspired by these women.

Our audience and stage will merge as one as we gather in community to feel the power we have in our physical bodies as females. Bring your people with you – multi-generational family, friends and colleagues. This night is about all ages and genders joining to celebrate women achieving spectacular results on every stage of life by drawing on the power within the female body!

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We’ll also be raising money for One Girl Can, an incredible locally founded and operated organization (learn more below)!




November 1, 2018


Cenntennial Theatre
2300 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7M 3L1



For 10 or more contact the box office for your discount!



Event Program Schedule

SEATING 6:30-7:00pm
WELCOME 7:00-7:05pm
Films 7:05-8:05pm
One Girl Can Presentation 8:05-8:10pm
INTERMISSION 8:10-8:30pm
PRIZES 8:30-8:35pm
Moksha 9:05-9:30pm
Parting Comment 9:30pm



Where the Wild Things Play – Krystle Wright


Slacklining in Lebanon – Produced by Crossing Lines


Small Surfer – Produced by ABC Open


Edges – Produced by Balcony Nine Media, Director / Producer / Writer: Katie Stjernholm


Spring Tide – by Patagonia


Three Women and Three Old Men – by Sandro Gromen Hayes


Life Beyond Walls – Golden Days by Smith Optics


Moksha – Produced by And She’s Dope Too, Jennifer Killian


AND… We’re fundraising for….

One Girl Can

We’re honoured to be raising money at our event for One Girl Can, a locally founded and operating organization committed to empowering girls through education to break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality in Kenya and Uganda. Lotte Davis is the founder and Originally from Africa herself, Lotte is passionate about ending poverty and gender inequality. She believes every girl should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. As a successful entrepreneur, she enjoys mentoring and coaching the girls in her schools to build their confidence and encouraging them to believe that anything is possible.

Lotte also co-founded the company AG Hair, a for-profit business, with her husband John. Giving back is a core pillar of the company, and AG Hair’s support of One Girl Can’s covers all administration, marketing and travel expenses. This generous funding allows us to ensure 100% of all donations go directly towards our projects in Africa.





Laura Appleton – Moderator

It was about 5 minutes before Laura and I finished our first conversation together that she finally shared the fact that she was an elite soccer player and field hockey who represented England as a 12 year-old in the under 18 year-old World Cup!  Laura now, who is also raising 2 teens with her wife, is finding true joy solving problems in the bouldering gym and playing in the mountains.

Laura is the Senior Manager, People & Culture for Arc’teryx Equipment. Laura describes herself as an investor and her currency, she says, is people. Believing that everyone should love their job, she looks for the amazing potential of those she meets and asks how can she support their growth and development. Laura began her craft with the award-winning recruitment agency Propel London, England where she fell in love with Talent Acquisition. Having immigrated to Vancouver, Laura joined a yoga company that would teach her downward dog and how to expediently grow lululemon athletica without sacrificing culture through core value based leadership, purpose and vision. Laura is also the founder of Purpose Stories, deepening conversation with her “investment” being her primary focus.


Steph Corker – Panelist

Steph Corker is not an ordinary woman. She’s made of some serious heart. Steph is a professional triathlete, a connector of passionate people, an advocate for women in sport, and the co-owner of The Corker Co, a business designed to strengthen the heartbeats of companies. She’s a 23x Ironman finisher and 3x Ironman World Championship qualifier and believes that how you do anything is how you do everything. Steph believes in heart beats: elevated, sweaty and passionately pounding kind of beats. She says that when you do what makes your heart beat faster, you will inevitably make a dent in the universe. You will inspire someone to move their body, dream a bigger dream or launch that business that was scribbled out on the back of a napkin. And together, Steph believes, we will change the world, one elevated heart beat at a time.

Instagram – @steph_corker


Darcey Hennessey Turenne – Panelists

Darcy Hennesey Turenne is the most celebrated and prolific female action-sports filmmaker of all time. Darcy recently merged her past career as a professional mountain biker with her current career to create The Moment, a movie documenting the rise of the freestyle mountain biking movement that began by people in this room on our shore. This film has sold-out over 100 screenings worldwide and debuted at #3 on the US iTunes Independent Film Charts!

As a person, Darcy represents a beautiful balance between grit and grace and also demonstrates this in her work. Although a staple in the outdoor, environmental, and action sports communities, Darcy’s work extends far beyond the sports world and has already been featured in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Darcy regularly writes, shoots, and directs commercial spots for clients ranging from Audi to Patagonia. Known for her whimsical visuals and nuanced storytelling, her interests and scope as a director span from narrative to fiction, to documentary, and everything (weird and wonderful) in between.

Instagram – @hellodarcy


Jen Segger – Panelists

Jen is not only a World famous Canadian trail runner and adventure athlete, she’s a mother and for over a decade, she has been a coach to endurance athletes of all levels, from an absolute beginner to the elite. Her athletes are located all over North America, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Jen believes in training not to be “gym-strong”, but so you can do the things that light you up in the outdoors. She’s a true ambassador for outdoor adventure and that’s why companies like Icebreaker, who have generously joined as an event partner, sponsor Jen to help her accomplish her own audacious adventure goals.

She’s adored by so many and has inspired countless with her passion, focus, and ability to persevere through all the challenges that come her way as an athlete and as a mom. She’s just like so many of us, working to find that sweet spot that allows us to fill our own tanks, ultimately showing our children that mommy can too and so can you!

Instagram – @jensegger


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So stoked that you can’t quite wait for the film fest to start?

When young people are passionate about something, they’re unstoppable. It was a deep love for snowboarding that inspired 17 year-old, Jesse Fields to create the magazine “One of the Girls: The Rise of Women in Snowboarding”. This one-off creation covers the path of women in snowboarding through stories of females pushing the limits in bounds, out of bounds, in competition, in media’s messaging, and through corporate sponsorship. With narrative from Jesse, quotes from old media pieces, and enlightening interviews with legends like Marie France Roy, you’ll be amazed that this is the creation of a 17 year-old.

“Losing yourself while doing something you love has never been so freeing. There’s no way to describe the exact sensation you’re feeling, rather than joy and liberation,” says Fields. We hope this piece inspires you to find something that allows you to find “progression [that] inspires and pushes you” too!



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