Audi Changes The Game With All-Female Ad Campaign

This summer, we were graced with Audi Canada’s campaign for their new electric car produced by Runway Films featuring the likes of Olympic gold medallist Jamie Anderson, and big mountain shredders Marie France-Roy and Leanne Pelosi. The crew explored the wonderland that is Tofino, British Columbia, exploring a new way to recharge. While many car campaigns will choose the macho, male-driven route when pushing an outdoors-oriented campaign, Runway Films director Darcy Turenne had a different vision.

“It shouldn’t be a unique thing for a brand to choose to tell a female-driven story—but it is.”, Darcy proclaims. Well, if it is a unique thing—I hope we see a whole lot more of it (and a few more electric cars). Check out the video below to see how the video was made and some of the magic that went along with the creation.-ML