#BabesAgainstBreastCancer Bare All on Social Media to Raise Funds

Words:: Natalie MacPhee

In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Basic and Badass is hosting their 2nd annual #BabesAgainstBreastCancer Instagram campaign. Basic and Badass holds a heavy influence on Instagram by supporting women in outdoor recreation and action sports. From snowboarding to mountain biking, Basic and Badass highlights powerful, fearless, and passionate female athletes from around the globe. No matter how strong or badass a woman might be, we recognize 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.

The Basic and Badass community is committed to living a fulfilling lifestyle by doing what they love the most with a strong zest for life. We feel in our hearts it is necessary to bring our community together to support this important cause. #BabesAgainstBreastCancer was started in 2017 to celebrate the strength of the beautiful women while showing the vulnerability we have to possibly being diagnosed with breast cancer.

lady standing in front of a wall topless with a skateboard over her chest
Keeping it Basic

During the month of October, our community raises awareness and donations for breast cancer research on Instagram. Women in the Basic and Badass community are encouraged to post photos of their (topless) adventures with the hashtag #BabesAgainstBreastCancer to spread the awareness to their followers and to contribute to the Basic and Badass feed.

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Posing on top of a climb topless
Climb a few pitches, fight to rid the world of breast cancer… All in a days work.

Skateboarders, hikers, skiers, longboarders, and other athletes show off what it means to be resilient and beautifully female. Basic and Badass believes it is essential for women to protect each other by educating ourselves, raising money for cancer research, and supporting women globally. All money raised goes directly to Keep a Breast Foundation. Their website offers women a breadth of information, such as how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, how to reduce the risk of breast cancer, and companies you can shop at who donate a portion of their profits to Keep a Breast Foundation. Keep up with Basic and Badass adventures and women’s empowerment movement on Instagram, see you there!

@amaroons topless with her skis supporting breast cancer awareness month
On the low snow years remember to keep those tops off and tips up.


@lisa_morgan89 and the resistance

Want to join in on the cause this month? Post a photo with the hashtag #BabesAgainstBreastCancer and #BasicandBadass to spread the love! Follow @basicandbadass on Instagram to connect with and support women in outdoor recreation and action sports.