Deploy the Drone – Fishing in the New Age

Everything looks better with a drone right?  How about sport fishing, do drones make one of our favorite past times more enjoyable?  The benefits of flying over the water, finding your fish and dropping the bait sounds enticing.  It’s certainly easier and more fun. With fisheries worldwide declining, sport fishing regulations are tightening up to limit the number of fish that are caught.  From helicopters to the good old days, we always find a way to enjoy fishing under our own terms.  Drones might be no different.

Is fishing another new venue where drones will be a welcome innovation or an environmental worry?  These boys are definitely opening up new opportunities for the rest of us.  However, not all drone fishing parties are as dialed.  Should we be concerned about others losing their equipment in the ocean in the name of sport?  Either way, who wouldn’t enjoy eating that tuna. – ML


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