Bindle Bottle Review

This double walled insulated bottle is great for camping, hiking, fishing and most outdoor activities. Its functionality is it’s highlight: it’s lightweight, has a great hermetic seal and a lid shape that allows for hooking the bottle using a carabiner. The vessel keeps content warm for up to 12 hours and has a sufficient storage capacity for a 4-hour hike. What makes this bottle different from the other ones on the marketIt has a storage compartment in which you can keep dry food or hide your keys while you’re at the gym or at the beach, or hiking up a mountain.  – Amelie Legare, Art Director for Mountain Life Media
Bindle Bottle
Secret compartments have never been this stylish.

What if you could keep your drink close and your essentials even closer without anyone knowing? Each Bindle Bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid and provides 450 cubic centimeters of space to securely store your valuables in the bottom compartment. When developing Bindle Bottle, we prioritized stealth and security while you’re out in public. Unscrew the bottom, place your essentials inside, and rest easy knowing that your stuff – and your hydration – is within arm’s reach.


The materials, shape, and structure of the Bindle Bottle are there because you need them. When you buy one (or more), you’re getting a lightweight, durable accessory that gives you ultimate freedom with your everyday carry.

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