Yūgen Official Trailer Has Arrived!

After 3 years of filming, Yūgen has almost arrived. The film follows snowboarder Rafael Pease to exotic locations such as Chile, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, and more to snowboard and delve into the culture in an attempt to understand as humans, our connection to the mountains. Check out the trailer here and stay tuned for more information.-ML

From Yūgen:

Yūgen is a 3-year borderless mountain-based documentary film that explores the connection we as mountaineers and environmentalists share with the natural world. Following the journey of snowboard mountaineer Rafael Pease and crew as they travel throughout the corners of the world, trudging gear into unseen locations the crew works tirelessly to capture the true essence of being one with the mountain. Experiencing the most unique untold stories of the ecological conscious that resides deep in the soul of the mountains, told through the perspective of legendary humans who coincide in these very places. For more information, visit http://connectionsmovement.com/.

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