Sea To Sky Summer Beer Sampler Pack

Ski teaser’s may be infiltrating your social media feed and have you dreaming of winter, but the best days of summer are just around the corner. With new breweries popping up monthly in British Columbia’s Sea To Sky Corridor, we sat down with a few of our favourites and got their advice on what to as summer winds down.

One theme we noticed was this: beer is going fast. Each brewer urged us to get in quick before these limited time offers sell out. So don’t hesitate, folks. Get outside, grab your beer of choice, and soak it all in.—ML

Coast Mountain Brewing—Fruit Snack Berliner Weisse

Photo: Cormac Power (@cormac.pow)

Fresh lime zest ends citrus notes, while Marion blackberries give it beautiful colour and flavour. Soured with our house Lacto Culture – a Fruit Snack for the big kids! Inspired by Coast Mountain’s love for sour beers, it falls right into the pocket of fruit-infused sours. We have a continuing rotating lineup of beers and want to continue our theme of lighter beers with nice characters. This one will serve as a backbone for a beer we can add on to—so come on in and stay tuned for more!

ABV: 4.2%

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Pemberton Brewing C0.—Blue In The Face Dry-Hopped Blueberry Sour

Pemberton Brewing’s favourite summer beer?  Blue In The Face dry-hopped blueberry sour!

A super fun and very refreshing beer for those hot summer days!  It pours an unmistakeable bright purple and just bursts with juicy berry flavour, but it’s also nice and dry with this bright acidity that makes it really thirst quenching.  We add a significant amount of BC berries for a real punch of blueberry and we also dry hop the beer, which brings complexity to the flavour and aroma with subtle citrus notes.  It’s a nice change from your standard lawn-mower beer and brings a lot of flavour and character but stays light and refreshing, plus at only 4.3% ABV it’s pretty crushable!

A-FRAME Brewing Co.—Secret Lake Hazy XPA No.2

The Secret Lake Hazy XPA is our experimental Pale Ale series showcasing different hops in every batch.  Our base beer provides a hazy, pillowy soft backdrop allowing hop flavours and aromas to to shine through.  This is the second iteration of this beer; utilizing Calypso, Citra and Vic Secret Hops.  This beer comes in at a light 5% and zero IBU(no hops were added during the boil for bittering) and is very crush-able on hot days.  You will see many a glass of this on our patio during these beautifully long days of summer.

Stay up to date with A-FRAME through our social media channel to learn about our other offerings and the next release of our XPA series.

The Beer Farmers—Golden Ale

Our Golden Ale is light and refreshing @ 6%. We brew it with 97% barley that is grown organically right here on our farm brewery. With an extremely simple ingredient list, we dry hop it only with Cascade hops (fresh from our farm when in season) to showcase the subtle malt complexity that comes with organically-produced single-origin malts from our farm.Our approach with this beer is to create ‘terrior’ or a regional flavor profile by focusing on locally farmed ingredients that are suited to our growing climate. Barley’s role in beer is equivalent to the grape in wine and we try to let the barley decide what the final beer will be like – instead of trying to force it to fit a specific style of beer.

As one of only a handful of breweries in North America that grows their own barley on-site, we can assure that this product is one of a kind!

Backcountry Brewing—Blew Out My Flip Flop Pina Colada Sour

We used an insane amount of pineapple in this sour, compliemnted by a dose of toasted coconut. This one will help you hang on. Sour beers are easily “sessionable” and have been some of our most popular beers this summer.

ABV: 5% IBU: 8

For more information on tasting rooms and where you can get your hands on a cold one, follow the link of your choice below: