Eyewear Evolved: Revant Sunnies

How many sunglasses have you lost or broken in your lifetime? How many have gone by the wayside just in the last few years? Lost count? Us too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Revant Optics make sunglasses differently: built to last and backed for life. Their modular sunglass system is made for performance with incredible optics that can be brought back to peak with easily replaceable parts and a best-in-class warranty. Traditional (ie, disposable) sunnies don’t stand a chance.

Revant F1L.

Portland-based Revant began eight years ago as a replacement lens maker for high-quality eyewear. Its goal—keeping sunglasses from being tossed into landfill way too soon—is reaching full fruition with the recent launch of their own performance sunglasses in three distinct styles. We tried out a pair of F1Ls on a paddling trip: the nose grips prevented the sunglasses from slipping, and the wrap style was snug to the face but not too tight. The lens brought water surface glare down to a minimum and brought out all kinds of underwater detail. And the whole package is extremely lightweight.


Revant sunglasses come in three styles (L-R) F1L, S2L, S1L.


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The Revant Kickstarter last spring was wildly successful and the sunglasses are now sold directly through RevantOptics.com. The guiding principle is: one pair, one life. So all elements of their sunglasses are recyclable, repairable, and warrantied. We hope this idea is highly contagious.


The F1L. Courtesy Revant Optics.


The S2L. Courtesy Revant Optics.