Salomon Dream Trip

For a 2 years now, Salomon has been taking adventurers out for the trip of a lifetime. This episode brings Katie Holmes of Idaho, USA, to Norway with world-class runners Ida Nilsson and Emelie Forsberg. Running through the mountains and above the fjords and sleeping in huts looks pretty dreamy to us. What’s your dream trip? -ML

From Salomon:

Salomon asked runners from around the world to share their #runningdreamtrip. Over 3000 people applied but only one was chosen. Katie Adams, from Idaho, USA, joined Emelie Forsberg and Ida Nilsson on her Dream Trip to Norway. The trio explored the Norwegian fjords and mountains by boat before setting off on foot and spending their days running from hut to hut. What is your #runningdreamtrip?

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