New Coast Mountains Issue Out Now!

In our world of restriction and responsibility, summer is the season that buys us time. With a few extra hours of daylight, it would be rude to deny the opportunity to try new things, explore new places, and let your freak flag fly.

Packed full of adventure just like your average day in the Sea to Sky, the Free-For-All Issue is just that: a freewheelin’, free-thinking, free-loving ode to our Coast Mountain playground the people who make it amazing. As well as a look at our responsibility to protect everthing that provides us with these pure summer freedoms we live for.

You can pick up your copy of Mountain Life: Coast Mountains,148 pages (our biggest summer issue ever!) of summer lovin’ in the finer establishments of the Sea-To-Sky corridor, and beyond. -ML

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Fire in The Hole: Burning Brakes on The Fraser River

Ice axes and mountain bikes don’t typically go together, unless you’re Mason Mashon. The only person to grace the cover of Mountain Life as an athlete and photographer, Mason is back at it with one the gnarliest mountain bike descents we’ve ever published.  Follow along as Mason, and KC Deane shred big lines above the Fraser River as fires approach and brake lines blow. Photography by Jussi Grznar.


Interview: Micayla Gatto

 Everyone knows Micayla Gatto can shred a mountain bike. But Gatto’s passion runs much deeper than simple two-wheel shreds. She’s an amazing artist, a empowering personality, and this summer she’ll be cutting her teeth as an announcer at Crankworx. She also knows how to make a viral video (or two.)


Searching for Scale: Highlights from the Himalayan Midlands

Not everyone has an eye for the alternative—especially when the infamous peaks of the high Himalaya are staring down at you, begging to be climbed. Believe it or not, there is adventure in the midlands of the Himalaya as our five adventurers opt out the traditional routes and discover unclimbed peaks and gained perspective looking from the outside in.


Mountain Lifer: Chris Winter

Chris came to Whistler as a skier, but has evolved into an icon in the mountain bike world, consistently pushing the boundaries in everything from trail building to global bike exploration to help ensure the joys of mountain living are available to everyone.


The Lyme Bomb

 Lyme Disease is no longer uncommon—in the coming years, it is estimated that 80 percent of the Canadian population will be living in areas where the blacklegged tick runs free. The venerable Les Anthony guides us through the past, present, and future of Lyme disease and checks in with locals who’s stories shed light on the general ignorance surrounding ticks and the serious dangers they pose for everyone from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.



Plus: Ocean Plastic Solutions, Artist Troy Lee, Topless Road Tripping, The Best outhouse ever, Backcountry Etiquette and more. Happy Summer everyone, be free.