Clean Water For All: MSR Global Health Launches Impact Project

As outdoor enthusiasts, our reliance on technology is undeniable. We use cutting-edge technology exclusive to our community to help push us further into the backcountry.  Futuristic tools such as lightweight shelters, pocket sized solar panels, and hand-held water purifiers demand millions of dollars of R & D from our industry, only to be consumed for the purpose of enjoyment and exploration.

For the outdoor community, these tools are a luxury. To millions of people all over the world who don’t have access to the luxuries we are afforded, these tools are a necessity for survival.

Enter MSR, one of our favourite camping supply companies. With their Global Health Campaign, for years MSR has been aiming to make their tools for more than enjoyment in the outdoors, but also to help save lives.

Contaminated water and unhygienic conditions are taking the lives of nearly 1,000 children a day. The Impact Project, MSR’s newest branch of their Global Health Campaign, has partnered with World Vision, a humanitarian organization aimed at helping those in need all over the world, to help combat these issues with a two-pronged approach: Life changing technologies, and in-country partnerships.

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Technology: MSR SE200

“One of the safest ways to have safe drinking water is to chlorinate it. The challenge is to provide chlorine in a way that is stable and readily available”, explains Dr. Greg Allgood, Vice President of World Vision. This is where MSR comes in, with their game-changing SE200 Community Chlorine Maker.

The SE200 requires just salt and an electricity source, and in just 5 minutes it can produce up to 200 litres of potable water. With just one 12 volt car battery charge, it can produce 40,000 litres of water.

This is a vital piece of technology for providing chlorine in the developing world allowing for safer hospitals and a consistent and reliable way to treat large amounts of water. Weighing in at just 1 pound 11 oz, it is a lightweight, durable package that is changing our ability to provide fresh water for communities all over the world.

Since 2015, MSR has reached over half a million people in 30 countries and provided solutions to hygiene in drinking water access problems. As the technology and partnerships grow, more and more lives can be saved every day.

In-Country Partnerships

A key cog in the MSR Impact Project is to provide access to this technology through in-country partnerships. Teaming up with local organizations to implement this technology and provide training and education are key for long-lasting positive effects of their tools.

Heres how you can help (From MSR):

Support Global Water Projects: 

From drinking water to hand-washing stations, you can drive change.


Fundraise For Safe Water

Turn your passions into actions: Join a team or fundraise individually


Adventures For Impact 

Take a trip of a lifetime while transforming lives.