In The News: North Face Launches Used Gear Website

It’s no secret that we, as skiers, snowboarders, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, and everything in between need to step up and lead in the realm of climate action. We are on the front lines of the battle, watching the places we love and the things we love to do become threatened by everything from policy to inclement weather. It is important that we have brands on our side while we tackle this problem, which is where the North Face comes in.

Too often are we, as a community and as individuals turning to the newest gear and leaving our old, fully functional gear collecting dust in the closet as we blindly follow the latest trend. We’re not saying new ski pants are a bad thing, but it is important to put your old gear to  good use.  Lucky for us, The North Face just made that a bit easier for all of us.

Following in Patagonia’s footsteps, The North Face now employs professionals to inspect, clean, and repair old gear so that it is ready for you, the consumer, to purchase and use for many more years, while also giving those an outlet to recycle old gear.

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From The North Face:

Today, we’re taking steps towards making that world a reality. We’re launching an innovative recommerce program called The North Face Renewed.

The North Face Renewed is a collection of refurbished clothing remade to explore. It’s the great quality and performance you expect from The North Face with less impact on the earth.


STEP 1: Washed up

First, Renewed gear is professionally cleaned and inspected by our partners at The Renewal Workshop.

STEP 2: Tuned up

Then, it’s repaired to its original badassery. Sometimes that means replacing a button or zipper or stitching up a tear from a rough ride.

STEP 3: Back at it

Lastly, it’s quality-checked to ensure it’s up to our standards and then sent back into the world, ready for your next adventure.