Racing Winter: Shawn Neer Rips Canada’s High Alpine Trails

While in the northern hemisphere braces for another long, hot summer, this video featuring Yeti/Fox Factory rider Shawn Neer reminds us that all seasons eventually do come to an end, so don’t take these days for granted; get out and ride while you can.


From Yeti cycles: Everyone prepares for the onset of winter in different ways. For Yeti/Fox Factory rider Shawn Neer, it means making his annual pilgrimage to the great white north for one final rip on the high alpine trails. After a long season of racing, it’s a chance to reset and reconnect with the terrain that shaped him as a rider. Inevitably snow will cover the land and Shawn will be forced home to the pain cave of off-season training, but racing against time for one last taste of singletrack feels like a victory. These uninhibited riding trips are part of balancing the structured life on the race circuit and make up the dream that is the life of a professional racer.

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