Watch ‘La Torche’ – A Night Surfing Film Reimagined

This new surf video from Hugo Manhes captures France’s La Torche in a whole new light. With flames, strobes, neon and more, Manhes illuminates after hours surf sessions with flair. Enjoy.


From the filmmaker: During a south swell at Lowers or Malibu, or with a Cyclone package arriving to the Gold Coast after hours, will find a handful of surfers—absent that all-too-common fear, of the dark, primordial nada we all soak so calmly in during daylight hours— zipping through the lineup like lightning bugs across the night sky.

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Here’s a high-production project from Hugo Manhes, featuring Gaspard Larsonneur and Ian Fontaine (and their bitchin’ Land Rover Defender 110), somewhere in France, awash in color under a black European sky.