Beacon is a Visually Captivating Look into the World of Snowboarder Louif Paradis

Take a minute to enjoy this trailer for Beacon, a visually captivating look into the world of snowboarder Louif Paradis.

From the filmmakers: Beacon is the true-to-life adventure of celebrated French Canadian snowboarder Louif Paradis as he navigates the weathered expanses of Quebec, Russia and Japan in the pursuit of new features, ideal conditions and the inspiration to attempt the as yet undoable.


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This endeavor is the Beacon that propels Louif from trip to trip, spot to spot, trick to trick and shot to shot. Captured with an emphasis on traditional film in locales affording natural speed, Beacon director Hayden Rensch has proven that the style and instincts of a rider left to his own devises can still produce unreal riding and unforgettable imagery despite the absence of modern day accouterments like computers and machines.

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